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Neurodiversity Affirming Occupational Therapy Services and DIRFloortime® for Children, Teens, and Adults
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Therapy Outside the Box strives to provide neurodiversity affirming occupational therapy services to children, teens, and adults. Miranda is a certified Advanced DIRFloortime® provider and neurodiverse herself. Our approach is client-centered, following the child or adult’s interests, gradually challenging them physically, emotionally, and cognitively within the context of a trusted and attuned relationship. Miranda has 10 years of experience working in outpatient sensory integration clinics with children and teenagers and is certified in sensory integration assessment and treatment through USC. In addition to being an Advanced DIRFloortime® provider, Miranda has extensive training in sensory processing, particularly vestibular and visual processing, and is certified in a variety of modalities including Therapeutic Listening, iLs, Astronaut Training, the SOS Approach to Feeding (specializing in ARFID), Wilbarger Brushing Protocol, Handwriting Without Tears, and Lifestyle Redesign. The Interoception Curriculum is interwoven throughout treatment to support growth in self/emotional regulation and advocacy for one's needs.
Miranda Sweet
Occupational Therapist
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